Glow In The Night 5K – Cary NC

  • Date: Fri, Apr 11, 2014
  • Time: 8:00 pm
  • Venue: WakeMed Soccer Park
  • Location: 940 E Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511
  • City: Cary, NC
  • Charity: Helps Education Fund
  • Pricing: Individuals: $40 per person, Teams of 4 or more: $30 per person
    (Price increases $5 on/after Mar 28), $50 Day of Race / Walk-up registration
    Team Information & discount applied during Individual registration process
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Glow In The Night 5K – Cary NCButton_Runner(2)


Friday, Apr 11th, 2014 @ 8 PM


WakeMed Soccer ParkButton_Volunteer(2)

WakeMed Soccer Park
940 E Chatham St
Cary, NC 27511

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Charity & Host: Helps Education FundHEF_logo

33% of students in the US cannot even read as a basic level and 66% are below proficient.  These statistics are similar in math and science. the Helps Education Fund improves student learning by providing educators ans parents with free, research-supported instructional materials, services and professional development.  Founded in Raleigh, The Helps Education Fund has assisted thousands of educators and students in more than 40 countries, and we continue working to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education.

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RUNNER & VOLUNTEER Instructions:


Packet Pickup Info: 

Date & time: Friday, Apr 12 6 PM – 8 PM

Registration Pricing & Deadlines:

Registration For Runner/Jogger/Walker & Volunteers Individuals: $40 per person
Teams of 4 or more: $30 per person
(Price increases $5 on/after 2 weeks before race date)
$50 Day of Race / Walk-up registration
Team Information & discount applied during Individual registration process

How Is This Race Different?

Sure, there are all sorts of runs at night. Most, give you a wimpy glow necklace and send you on your way…BORING!!! We take it to the next level (because isn’t that what Americans do?) You will get completely covered in glowrific color dust with friends, family and silly strangers, while focusing more on the different color fun and participating in the three mile course, at night, under the cool glow of black lights. Doesn’t matter how fast or old you participate on the color run but getting up on the start line to get covered in color.

There are a few rules though (less than filing taxes, more than shampooing):

  • Wear a white shirt
  • Prepared to get covered in color
  • Repeat